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& Employee

Outplacement Services 

Transitioning your workforce is difficult. However, making sure your retained and displaced team members know their future matters to you, is not.  Research shows that by helping employees bridge the gap between unemployment and a new job, your company experiences significant benefits, including:

  • Decreased liability exposure
  • Increased retained workforce's productivity and engagement
  • Brand Protection
  • Maintained healthy relationships
  • Reduced unemployment costs

While downsizing, reorganizing and letting some of your best people go, may be inevitable, right now. There is a right way to help your people through it. We can help. 

Turnkey Coaching and Development Solutions helps our clients shoulder the burden of right-sizing your business, while mitigating liability, and reducing the long term costs and damage to your reputation.

Why us? 

Founded in 2004, our team of career and outplacement professionals, are uniquely qualified, credentialed, and experienced. We work with your stakeholders to chart a path through the chaos and provide personalized career transition services.  

Our program options include: 

  • White-glove one-on-one programs for senior professionals 
  • Affordable group, outplacement support that yields a personalized and budget-conscious approach 
  • And, our scalable, hybrid package combining high-touch with high-tech for a uniquely powerful yet cost-effective service

By addressing each employee's professional goals, strengths and skills, we enable impacted employees to take their next step with confidence. There is a strong business case and a significant ROI for providing outplacement programs to your laid-off employees.  Our services accommodate all employee levels and are customized to your organization’s budget and specific outplacement requirements.We have the career coaches, programs and resources needed to help your exiting employees refine job searching skills to come out on top.

Custom Designed Packages to Fit your Budget 

and Your Employees' Needs

Program Options and Topics Include:

  • Resume writing / CV
  • Optimizing LinkedIn Profile
  • Psychometric DISC Assessments
  • Identifying core strengths
  • The ins and outs of unemployment
  • Deferred Bills and Payments
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Family Budget Planning
  • Tax Refunds and Deferment
  • Job-Matching
  • Job hunting strategies
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Interview Preparations, Practice, Recording and Feedback 
  • Networking for Jobs 
  • Follow-up
  • Salary Negotiations
  • New Skill Development
  • Job-Placement options
  • Leveraging job-hunting technology
  • Personalized job coaching and career counseling
  • Peer support
  • Short-term side-hustles and gigs
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Career Planning 





Program includes webinars and virtual training, with one-on-one coaching for a outplacement experience that is customized and compassionate. 

What makes us the Experts? 

TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions (founded in 2004), has experienced management consultants, executive coaches and master trainers in every major metropolitan area in the USA and key hubs globally.

Through a single-point-of-contact, we provide full-service, LSO (learning services outsourcing) and make your employee development goals easier to obtain. From instructional design to implementing best-practices, to recommending strategic revisions, our clients tell us that we take the pain out of managing employee development programs. Our “turnkey” processes and objective oversight eliminate initiative overload and help your team to refocus on the business of the business instead of managing vendors.

Our on-site/off-site employee development programs are tailored enough to be relevant and meaningful to your industry while leveraging our off-the-shelf curriculum for an affordable and effective solution. We employ adult-learning best-practices and our proven curriculum, coupled with key-stakeholder interviews, your strategic goals, and industry research, for a unique and practical training and development program.

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