Succession Planning: 
Making the Most of your Talent 

The drastic shift in today's workforce requires new ways to think about succession planning. Customizing a process that works for your organization is critical to success. This webinar offers a comprehensive look at organization goals, what to assess, and how to develop employees so that your succession needs are met.

Webinar Outcomes:

  1. Recognize where your organization is on the Succession Journey and what to do next
  2. Develop succession strategies that are aligned to millennial values and goals
  3. Identify what to assess to have leaders ready for changing organization needs

Speaker's Bio:
Donna Dennis is a leadership development professional who has practiced as a consultant internally and externally, taught at major universities and conducted leadership research. Her experience spans all aspects of talent management, (design and delivery of training, succession planning, performance management systems, competency development, executive coaching, and assessment of leadership). Donna’s experience with succession planning spans supporting the very comprehensive GE process called Session C to being in charge of Succession Planning in a global medical devices company with 15,000 employees to supporting clients in not-for- profits and small companies."