Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Awareness & Prevention Training 

Protecting your organization by training employees on how to prevent and respond appropriately to harassment is critical step towards ensuring compliance but also in creating an engaged workforce and positive culture. 



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For supervisors and others who manage employees, in addition to base-line anti-harassment and anti-sexual harassment awareness and prevention training, managers have a duty to respond appropriately to all formal and informal accusations of harassment of any kind.  Companies need to be able to demonstrate that they have required managers to enforce company policies and demonstrate company values.  Additionally, firing an accused manager, may not be the right choice for an organization. Thus, companies should establish a practice of one-on-one disciplinary anti-sexual harassment training for managers worthy of retaining.  

An effective managerial training includes training people managers on an effective approach to sexual harassment in the workplace, including: 

  • How to respond by-the-book to sexual harassment complaints and rumors, even when the event occurs at an off-site, non-sanctioned social gathering 
  • What are the company's policies and practices and HR's process
  • How to build sufficient interpersonal effectiveness skills to mitigate the workplace culture damage and restore harmony
  • What exactly defines prompt, corrective action and what actions fall short 
  • What happens when a manager doesn't understand the gravity of a situation and responds poorly, and how other managers and employees pay the price
  • How to mediate misunderstandings and when to escalate the issue per company policy
  • How to deal with false accusations and frivolous lawsuits from employees who think they've found a litigious lottery ticket
  • How managers can save valuable HiPos using a leader-as-coach, one-on-one performance coaching style

In addition to employment law and anti-harassment awareness training such as the above our Manager Effectiveness 101 (or ABC's of Supervising Others) program is customized for the specific leadership level, leadership experience, industry, department, and specific organizational needs.  Our programs are infinitely adaptable and appropriate for frontline managers, mid-level managers and even executive teams with advanced business and leadership effectiveness needs. 

Our Manager Effectiveness Training Program often includes one to two days of on-site training (or at a venue of your choice) and each active learning module is customized to include a deeper dive into your choice:

  • Effective supervisory skills
  • Expectations for supervisory standards and processes
  • Performance management & accountability
  • Leading by example
  • Motivating and engaging employees
  • Effective communication
  • Leading change
  • Retaining and engaging HiPos
  • Correcting unacceptable behavior and performance
  • Empowerment, accountability and training
  • Conflict Management / Productive Conflict  
  • Disc Assessment and report integration: Understanding self / understanding others for improved interpersonal effectiveness 
  • Develop their skills in listening, asking questions, resolving conflict, and giving feedback to employees
  • Identify key attitudes that they can develop to enhance their supervisory skills
  • Use time management and planning techniques to maximize their success
  • Develop a technique for giving instructions that are clear and understood
  • Understand the importance of developing good relationships with employees and peers, so they are seen as fair and consistent
  • Advanced Leadership topics including business acumen, strategic foresight, change management, culture development, global thinking, etc. also available. 

Manager Training

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Full-Day Program: $9500 
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*Enterprise Learning and Training Solutions,

individual one-on-one disciplinary,

anti-harassment training/coaching and mediation/performance management coaching programs also available.

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Module #1

Anti-Harassment Laws

Module #2

Sexual Harassment vs. Other Forms of Harassment 

Module #3

Reporting Harassment

Module #4

Restoring Workplace Harmony 

Module #5

Rights & Responsibilities 

Our Training Agenda: Sexual Harassment Workplace Training - Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training (click to toggle view)

What You'll Find as Remarkably Effective in our Customized Programs: 


Hybrid Approach

Best-practices plus industry and company relevant research. No off-the shelf materials here. 


Adult Learning Principles

The science of adult-learning brought to each program drives learning retention. 



No body likes a lecture. We engage and inspire interactivity that makes the time fly. 


Impressive Master Trainers & Experts

Our trainers have master training credentials, advanced credentials and degrees and real-work experience. The richness and relevancy that our experts bring to each engagement is rare and yields memorable training outcomes.   

About Our Experts 

Sandra Klausen, ACC, CPCC, SPHR/SCP

Sandy Klausen, is a trained and experienced Human Resources professional, executive coach and corporate trainer. While serving as an HR executive, she has personally overseen internal harassment investigations and pulls from a wealth of knowledge regarding employment law and what works and what doesn't when it comes to workplace harassment training. 

Her broad HR and leadership development background was garnered in a variety of hi-tech start-ups and large corporations in defense, entertainment, telecommunications, biotech and education. Sandy holds a BA in Management and an MA, in Organizational Management and has an SPHR/ SCP from HRCI/SHRM.

Sandy transitioned from the corporate HR world in 2008, with over thirty years of experience in Human Resources. Her extensive leadership and business background has enabled her to be instrumental in helping organizations increase their effectiveness and her warm, personable approach enables her to break down barriers and quickly tackle core issues in an insightful manner. 

Beth Lieurance, JD, CPC, CPM 

Beth’s extensive experience in Human Resources in her 25+ year career included designing and presenting training to executives, leaders, and teams on a variety of topics, including legal compliance in the areas of Discrimination (Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation), Sexual Harassment, Labor Relations and contract administration, Policy Implementation (related to Zero Tolerance, Leaves and FMLA, ADA, and
Grievance Processing, etc.), Conflict Management/Resolution, and Team Building/Employee Coaching.

Beth has also been a speaker at client management Retreats, covering topics such as Legal Compliance, Harassment in the Workplace, Effective Communication, Time Management, Myers/Briggs Personality Assessment, and Conflict Management/Resolution. Groups presented to include: NIKE Worldwide leadership team, Eugene (Oregon) Library Directors Association, Western Union leadership team, Spokane (Washington) Fire District, PacifiCorp leadership teams, US Bancorp leadership teams, QUAD (Quadriplegics United Against Dependency) Board of Directors (Portland, OR), Legacy Health Care Board of Directors (Portland, OR), and Red Cross Board of Directors (Portland, OR). These groups ranged in size from 5-80 individuals, in a variety of levels within the client organization.

Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr. PhD, JD, MGCP, BCC

Dr. Mario is a Master trainer, an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach, Board Certified Coach and Attorney & Counselor at Law. He is a United States Army Captain (retired), served in various positions including: aviation commander, recruiter, acquisition research and development, and project management. During his tenure in Aviation Program Management Dr. Mario served in a leadership capacity with oversight of billion-dollar defense contracts.

Dr. Mario’s professional efforts focus on assisting corporations, governmental organizations and non-profits to productively identify, understand and address the issues that are influencing or shaping their lives, families, and/or business/profession.

In the entrepreneurship environment, business start-ups, strategic planning, team-building and planning, creative thinking, and conflict resolution are Dr. Mario’s areas of expertise.

Mario has consulted with and/or provided coaching, and accelerated learning programs to over one hundred small to large organizations, teams, governmental entities, professional and trade associations, as well as community health organizations in 56 countries in both English and Spanish. 

The Fastest Way for Your Organization to Respond with a Proactive and Appropriate Anti-Harassment Training Program. 

$5000 - $85,000

$5000 - That's the average price-tag of each harassment complaint that results in an EEOC investigation. Furthermore, the cost can be as high as $85,000 per incident. 

According to a recent EEOC report, 2017 saw a 1600 case increase and $136 Million dollars more ordered to be paid out than the highest payout year before. That's an average of $85,000 per case.

In 2017, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated 99,109 cases of discrimination and harassment charges and ordered $484 Million be paid out.

Many organizations have responded  with check-the-box training or e-learning programs that fail to meet the needs of employees, fail to ensure prompt corrective action and fail to deliver an appropriate defense in court. According to the EEOC, a more effective approach to preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, includes: 

  • In-person training of a minimum of two-hours per employee.

Some states are mandating two-hours every two years. However, companies with complicit cultures known to have a tolerance of harassment or an ineffective response process to complaints, will find the courts unsympathetic.  

A culture change program may be required.  An effective culture change program includes a three-fold approach:  

  1. Customized sexual harassment training that is tailored to the culture, industry, and unique employee concerns of the organization
  2. For Individual Contributors: a minimum of two-hours, in-person training every six months
  3. For HR: a systematic approach to complaints which include a safe reporting process, proactive investigations, standard disciplinary responses, and employee mediation
  4. For Managers / Supervisors:  1) Training: Customized Anti-Harassment training for Managers to address their duty and increased responsibilities.  An effective approach is to integrate anti-sexual harassment, workplace harassment prevention into a Supervisors' 101 training  to include interpersonal effectiveness and HR for Non-HR managers.  2) Prompt Corrective Action: When a manager doesn't "get it" a non-negotiable  policy should include one-on-one disciplinary anti-harassment training and for accused managers, a mediation / performance improvement coaching program may be required. Companies need to be able to show that they have required the manager to attend one-on-one disciplinary anti-sexual harassment training and managers must understand their duty as role models that demonstrate the company values and enforce the policies of the organization. 
  5. Company Culture Change: When an organization recognizes a full-court press response is needed, a customized learning and culture change initiative that uniquely addresses a "hostile work environment" and cultural norms across the organization is the right choice.  In additional to mandatory "anti-harassment training" and "sexual harassment prevention" training, effective Culture Change initiatives often include employee surveys and culture surveys, key-stakeholder interviews, top-down training, group or team coaching and an internal "champions of change" team initiative to ensure cross-organizational adoption of the new workplace "anti-harassment" policies. 

Sexual Harassment training that addresses the minimal "compliance" requirements but  fails to address all levels of employees or fails to provide a change management and accountability program to change problematic cultural norms, will fall short. 

Sexual harassment complaints have increased year over year.  2018-2025  will see an explosion of sexual harassment complaints, investigations, and lawsuits.  Smart organizations will be proactive and prepare their workforce now. 

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