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“Business, just like sports, is very competitive – full of talented people where only the strong survive. In order to beat your competition, you must consistently become professionally bigger, stronger and faster. You should never be the same worker each year…
The more you develop yourself, the more valuable you become. The good news is that no matter where you are in your career, you can start that process today.”

Developing corporate muscle: 7 ways to reach your professional potential
- Walter Bond, Contributing Writer,

Mar 26, 2014, 10:12am CDT, Houston Business Journal

The wisest corporations and executive leaders know that they cannot stand still.  Businesses must keep moving forward, finding ways and methods to innovate and improve quality and performance.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to enlist the aid of an executive or leadership coach.  Here in the Houston area Turnkey Coaching Solutions has what you are looking for. We provide an affordable coaching solution without the traditional high costs and headaches of managing multiple contracts and coaches.  We help companies in Houston improve performance and productivity in their executive team and mid-level leaders.  Coaching has been proven to be the development tool of choice for savvy businesses for increased performance, results and employee satisfaction and retention.

Imagine the positive impact and lasting benefits that can come from supporting your leaders in accomplishing their strategic and operational goals.  Besides leadership training and development workshops, seminars and multi-media programs, TurnKey Coaching Solutions offers scalable corporate coaching for your middle-level management, emerging leaders and executive team.

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Leadership Coaching Programs in Houston, TX

Our Turnkey Leadership Coaching Programs Can Help Your Business Grow and Maximize Leadership Performance

TurnKey Coaching Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of Houston based solutions for corporations to meet all of their coaching needs. Our corporate coaching programs are custom-designed based on departmental or company objectives. Our sophisticated, proprietary systems for managing large scale contracts with multi-tiered oversight, quality control and accountability reporting allow us to deliver effective corporate coaching programs throughout your business and subsidiaries.

Our custom, enterprise-wide corporate Coaching Solutions are not only flexible, easy to implement, and affordable, but can be designed for all levels of employees, from top to bottom:

Companies ready to see an increase in committed, inspired employees, who feel invested in the company, need to hear how Turnkey’s executive coaching and training programs are the key to reaching your objectives.  Proven to work, our executive coaches have helped executives produce outstanding results by improving all areas of business operation, including: 

  • heightened productivity
  • quality workmanship
  • organizational tools
  • quality customer service
  • high employee satisfaction rate
  • ability to retain high potential staff
  • efficiency in business operations

Using skilled professional coaches to develop already existing leadership competencies and by tracking the company’s objectives with the coachee’s progress we help maximize your training and development investment needed for success. We provide the company with regular reports (non-confidential information only), to support our clients in ensuring they receive the highest return on their investment.

Using the most advanced, proven practices in executive coaching, leadership development and training strategies, we customize your program to be aligned with your company’s objectives and unique culture.  Our individualized approach to coaching and training has been shown to work because we focus on specific leadership competencies and opportunities for growth on a case-by-case basis.  We do not engage in generic, one-size-fits-all programs. So your program and each leader’s coaching engagement is designed to take into consideration not only the leader’s unique personality and strengths but also areas needing improvement, which is the company’s reason for engaging in a coaching program in the first place.

Our corporate coaching programs are not just about ‘nice conversations’ but about producing the results you’re hiring us to support.

Our high-potential coaching programs (also known as emerging leader programs) also include an individualized approach to coaching and training which has been proven effective within Fortune 500 companies. Our high-potential coaching methods focus on your star employees’ current needs for their next level promotion.  By identifying where your emerging leader is and where they need to be in your leadership pipeline, we coach them to be prepared to take on their next-level assignment.  Whether that’s people-managing, or mid-level management or even a senior leadership role, each stage of leadership requires a different level of capability.

For example, managing people is a very different skillset than managing work.  Many high-potential employees really need coaching to support them in understanding the difference and how developing people skills ensures less friction in the workplace and increases productivity. This is an important leadership passage that is simply missed by many leaders, even in senior roles.

Our professional coaches are trained to help identify these needs and coach your leaders towards leadership effectiveness and organizational success.  Our coaching programs ensure that your company has a well-trained, highly competent, emotionally intelligent leadership team and strong bench of ready to lead employees.

Your leaders may choose to work on any number of leadership competencies such as:

  • career ambition
  • drive for results
  • coach and develop others
  • decision quality
  • strategic insight
  • self awarenes
  • patience
  • impact and influence
  • boss relationships
  • executive speaking and presentations
  • tqm/re-engineering
  • creativity
  • priority setting
  • directing others
  • managing up
  • motivating others
  • negotiating
  • create a shared vision and ensure execution
  • learning on the fly
  • leading others (interpersonal effectiveness)
Leadership Coaching Programs in Houston, Tx

Areas Served by our Houston, Texas Leadership Coaches and Trainers:

Baytown, Conroe, Cypress, Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Woodlands,Pasadena and communities in the Harris, Waller, and Montgomery counties.

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Companies typically use executive training programs to prepare managers for leadership roles as well as help existing executive develop their skills further. Deploying an executive training program for use throughout a company involves analyzing needs, designing a curriculum, developing materials, implementing the delivery schedule and evaluating the usage. Ideally, the return on investment warrants additional development. Executive training ensures that company leaders have the right skills and knowledge to establish strategic initiatives. Then, employees can produce quality products and services, making the company competitive in the global economy.

source: The Chron

Our executive team and Houston based executive and leadership coaches have worked with hundreds of executives, managers and high-potential employees from a wide range of major companies worldwide.  We invite you to call us for a free consultation about your executive coach or corporate coaching needs.
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