HiPo Developmental Programs: Best and Worst Practices

Webinar Description:
HiPo development is a crucial priority for every growing or changing organization. Organizations that take employee development and particularly High-Potential employee development seriously out-perform their competitors!

Did you know that organizations with a strong employee and High-Potential development program are:

- 46% more likely to be the first to market
- 26% more likely to deliver quality products
- 37% more likely to benefit from employee productivity
- 48% more likely to be prepared to meet future demands
- 17% more likely to be the market leader
*According to the 2010, Bersin Study of organizations who make learning & development a priority.

When we work with companies we find that the biggest challenge HR leaders face is time to truly systemize their HiPo development program. They find that it’s necessary to skip steps in order to just get their employee development programs off the ground. Unfortunately, when a HiPo program fails to deliver, the blame all too often falls on HR’s shoulders, when in fact, there was poor accountability or manager involvement, or some other critical component!

The good news is we can leverage best-practices to avoid mistakes and ensure HiPo program success. In this webinar we will start with making it simple. There are four steps:
1. Identify
2. Plan
3. Execute
4. Evaluate
Research shows that somewhere between half to two-thirds of all programs fail to deliver for both the individual and the organization. Some programs fail to develop the right people or fail to consider the importance of participant buy-in or fail to map the competencies of the future role to the key competency development gaps of the HiPo. And, there’s SO Many fantastic case-studies and research on what works and what doesn’t! We plan to share the best practices in the four steps above and the worst practices. 

In this webinar you will learn:
- Best and Worst Practices in Identifying Your High-Potential Talent

- Best and Worst Practices in Planning for Their Development

- Best and Worst Practices in the execution of your development program

- Key Things to Consider when Measuring HiPos (Hint: Learning Agility and EQ)

- Best and Worst Practices in Evaluating Results