Using Gamification to Train Managers to Collaborate – A Gap That Needs To Be Closed

Webinar description:

In 2015, the Association for Talent Management (ATD) conducted a cross-industry survey of learning executives to determine what skills managers needed to be successful. Five skills were identified in their report, ACCEL: The Skills That Make a Winning Manager. Collaboration was one of the five skills describe in their research. ATD’s research also indicated that only 30 percent of managers inside organizations represented in the survey had the opportunity to develop collaboration skills. This statistic is staggering!

Today we live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, and Ambiguous) world demanding global interdependence with team-based applications growing and becoming more the norm every day. The need to teach people how to effectively collaborate on teams is real. For example, we know that innovation is a product of collaboration and key to business growth - and it represents one of the few remaining ways to achieve a competitive advantage!

So, developing managers who have collaboration skills for harnessing the power of the team’s connections across their network to produce value-adding, win-win outcomes, is our call to action!

The idea of using experiential learning (e.g. gamification) to develop leaders is not new. In fact, in ATD’s White Paper, "What Top Performers Do" (2016), 76% of high performing organizations use experiential learning to develop leaders – with most using it exclusively for front-line leaders. Based on a growing body of research, it’s one of the best ways to engage and motivate managers in a learning environment leading to improved performance in the workplace.

In this webinar,  Winsor Jenkins will introduce his new experiential training program, The Collaboration Game, to demonstrate how gamification is used to develop collaboration skills. Participants will:

• gain an understanding of gamification as a training methodology for teaching adult learners
• gain an understanding of the benefits of gamification, including its appeal to a multi-generational workforce and positive ROI
• learn how gamification leads to higher engagement in a learning environment, triggering behavior change(s)
• learn how managers can develop a Collaborative Mindset and Skill-set to effectively collaborate
• discover a new Operating Platform for managers to use to develop, manage, and coach teams