Effective Presentations Best Practices

Webinar Description:

Effective Presentations do more than inform; they inspire, motivate, and entertain. Unfortunately, monotone speeches, boring power points and redundant flip-charts are still too frequent!

The purpose of a presentation is to "make a sale" whether you're selling your boss an idea, or your department the plan of action, or the board a new strategy - you're still aiming at convincing your audience to engage with the data and leave the room with more than they had when they entered.

How many presentations have you sat through watching the clock, only to wish the presenter had just emailed the slide deck instead of making you sit through the presentation?

While this might SOUND like the MOST boring webinar EVER - if you typically spend more than an hour on your presentation deck, then you need this information. 

Get Ready To:
1. To take an audience focused approach to design

2. To employ a highly efficient development process

3. To enhance delivery skills, reduce fear and build confidence.