Anti-racism Training & Coaching: Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity and Unconscious Bias Training Programs
- unconscious bias (aka implicit bias),  plays out as negative attitudes, behaviors, and stereotypes that influence our relationships with others -

Organizational cultures that understand racial, gender and other social biases, and educate managers and employees on how to create an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, outperform those who don’t.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Programs are customized  to either augment current programs or provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

Component options include: 

  • Training topics such as: 

    • Cognitive Diversity 

    • Unconscious Bias

    • Multigenerational workforce 

    • Gender Identity and Expression 

    • Equity as a Business Decision   

    • Anti-harassment

    • Polarizing views and free speech in the workplace 

  • DEI Consulting including: 

    • Micro-consulting 

    • Development of DEI plans and internal programs 

    • Communications development 

    • HR tech 

    • Engagement and benchmark surveys 

    • Organizational data insights discovery and planning 

    • Policies and procedures analysis 

  • HR Tech for Diversity & Inclusion Programs 

    • Advanced people and organizational analytics  

    • Artificial intelligence driven engagement and real-time feedback and actionable insights 

    • Scalable, digital coaching

    Please hire an expert.

Diversity & inclusivity programs and unconscious bias training has incited rage in some and had an adverse impact on minorities in some cases, due to mismanagement, questionable expertise, and poor implementation.

In the news…. 

“Diversity training does not cure bias and racism.”  

“Fired Google engineer sues for reverse  discrimination.” 

“President Trump bans diversity training; calling it anti-American.” 

An example of poor diversity training that did more harm than good: 

City of Austin experienced a “Damaging” Diversity Training

We highly recommend working with an established firm and qualified DEI experts that are experienced in productive conflict facilitation and mediation, and who are well-educated regarding the growing resentment towards conversations about biases, racism, inequality,
and anti-harassment conversations. 

A well-designed program, centered on best-practices and that is relevant for the times enables an organization to:

  • Cultivate a respectful culture
  • Teach employees about biases, harassment, microaggressions, and inappropriate behaviors across all races and social identities
  • Teach leaders how to appropriately resolve conflicts and eliminate retaliation
  • Demonstrate the organizational value of appreciating diversity and embracing cultural dynamics as a business strategy
  • Foster awareness and understanding
  • Grow communications skills
  • Establish company policies related to navigating ideological conflict
  • Improve capacity, collaboration, and competence across the organization
  • Build relationships and promote allyship
  • Improve equity and representation over a reasonable amount of time, based on both merit and fairness
  • Improve bottom-line results and innovation revenue via the benefits of cognitive diversity

What is unconscious bias and why does it matter to organizations?

Unconscious bias, also known as implicit biases, results in unexamined stereotypes that influence our thinking, reasoning, and behaviors.

These deeply ingrained beliefs, such as “this group can’t drive,” or “this group gets away with anything,” or “this group is naturally more violent,” or “this group is more lazy,” or “this group is the smartest,” etc.  pervert equality and when left unchecked, result in a toxic culture ripe for racism, harassment, and exclusion.

It matters because society is more diverse than ever before. Companies that say they embrace diversity but do not address the discord as they grow are ignoring the fact that harassment and  discrimination lawsuits are escalating, as more individuals expect to be treated fairly and respectfully in the workplace.

Additionally, unconscious biases stunt cognitive diversity and inhibit  an organization’s ability to innovate and respond nimbly to marketplace opportunities.

The problem:

People don’t like to confront unconscious biases - it’s uncomfortable (at a minimum).  

When managed poorly this can result in one group (mostly non-people of color) feeling shamed, ganged up on and emotionally ravaged, while another group (mostly BIPOC and women) feeling the emotional burden of once again having to bear the burden of sharing how they’ve experienced racism, gender biases, and harassment.

The solution:

We help organizations with as much or as little DEI support, as needed, to be effective. 

Our DEI consultants and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity trainers help our clients with one or all of the following:  

  • Deliver a culture development program that utilizes proven change management principles to minimize the  emotional toll 

  • Provide organizational insights and scalable technology for data-driven approach

  • Develop concrete performance indicators and goals for recruiting, hiring, evaluation, and promotion that address inequity and all cultural patterns of marginalization. 

  • Establish consistent criteria to evaluate the effectiveness and fairness of performance evaluations and the impact of biases on decisions. 

  • Create structured approach to hiring with unbiased evaluation principles. 

  • Build mentoring programs, employee resource groups, career-pathing and opportunity support groups, etc. 

  • Provide unconscious bias training and workshops, facilitated discussion circles, mediation coaching, supervisor 101 training, management development programs, and more. 

Why Turnkey Coaching & Development Solutions?

Founded in 2004, our team of diversity, equity and inclusion training professionals and DEI consultants are uniquely qualified, credentialed, and experienced.

We work with your stakeholders to customize a measured approach to your culture development and DEI goals with personalized training programs, HR tech solutions (our LeanDEI programs), fully managed, enterprise solutions designed to  enhance your internal programs or build a comprehensive outsourced solution, at your option.

About our Experts:

Ray Weaver

Expert Coach and Master Trainer

Ray is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach with over 1900+ hours of coaching experience.

More About Ray

Ray is an Everything DiSC partner, Gallup Strengths coach, Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner, and Leadership Circle Profile administrator. He is married to his best friend of 37+ years, has two adult sons, a loving daughter-in-law, and is soon to be a grandfather. 

Rosalie Chamberlain

Expert Coach and Master Trainer

Rosalie is a nationally recognized diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, advising on a wide range of related issues.

More About Rosalie

Rosalie has served as a speaker, facilitator, leadership consultant and coach in the legal, corporate, non-profit and private industries, both nationally and internationally. 

She is the author of Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time (2016). 

Rosalie has more than 20 years of coaching experience working with individuals and groups on leadership development, team building, talent management, and helping organizations become successful and inclusive environments.

Candice McGlen

Expert Coach and Master Trainer

Candice fearlessly questions the status quo in order to develop and implement high-impact talent development solutions.

More About Candice

Candice's probing approach is based on the early days of her career when she worked with a non-governmental organization that was adept at overcoming obstacles by sidestepping conventional norms in favor of fresh, action-oriented thinking. Since then, she’s applied her experience to the various facets of talent development.

She regularly conducts training workshops on how the principles and techniques of grassroots movements can be implemented within corporations to create a dynamic culture of employee engagement. Not one to sit still, McGlen is the author of Engage Us Now!, a writer and contributor to the Forbes Human Resources Council and a leader in talent development organizations such as the Association of Talent Development (ATD) Houston.

Her areas of expertise include learning and development, talent development technology, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, change management, design thinking and conflict resolution.

Watch Candace's recent webinar entitled: Creating a Safe Place to Talk at Work #BlackLivesMatter

What makes us the Experts? 

TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions (founded in 2004), has experienced management consultants, executive coaches and master trainers in every major metropolitan area in the USA and key hubs globally.

Through a single-point-of-contact, we provide full-service, LSO (learning services outsourcing) and make your employee development goals easier to obtain. From instructional design to implementing best-practices, to recommending strategic revisions, our clients tell us that we take the pain out of managing employee development programs. Our “turnkey” processes and objective oversight eliminate initiative overload and help your team to refocus on the business of the business instead of managing vendors.

Our on-site/off-site employee development programs are tailored enough to be relevant and meaningful to your industry while leveraging our off-the-shelf curriculum for an affordable and effective solution. We employ adult-learning best-practices and our proven curriculum, coupled with key-stakeholder interviews, your strategic goals, and industry research, for unique and practical training and development program.

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