The Perfect Triad:  Developing a People-focused, Performance-driven and
Coaching-centered Culture

Webinar Description:

Is your organization’s priority the business or your people?  Is your organization goal- oriented or performance-driven? Are your leaders great coaches?  

The best organizations in the world combine these three elements;
people, performance and coaching to create what Eric Turbiville calls the Perfect Triad Culture.

During this webinar we will discuss what it means to be people-focused and performance- driven.  We will explain the importance of having Leaders who Coach effectively. And, we will outline the challenges and benefits of creating a Perfect Triad Culture.

You will learn:
  • The definition of being people-focused and examples of companies that do it effectively and use it as a competitive advantage
  • The negative consequences of putting the business and customers before the people
  • What performance-driven leadership looks like for an organization including the six keys to coaching for performance and how to focus on process-based performance instead of goal-based performance
  • The importance of having leaders that coach their people effectively including how to teach your leaders to understand how their people want to be coached
  • How to begin developing the Perfect Triad Culture
  • The benefits and challenges of creating the Perfect Triad Culture