Develop Your Strategic Forecasting Super-Powers

Wish you had a business strategy crystal ball? Would you like to know what areas you or your leadership team need to focus on before they become problems? Growing a business? Struggling to manage the chaos?

Business leaders who recognizes and understands the predictable and powerful stages of growth are better able to:

• Initiate, manage and complete change initiatives
• Improve the outcome decisions
• Calibrate the impact you or your leaders have on the company's 
• Manage and advance the forces driving your company's profitability
• Resonate and respond to the hidden agents influencing your work community

Successful growth companies are companies that continue to grow amidst the powerfully chaotic forces of expansion and change. However, GROWTH is extremely hard to manage for even the most talented, smart, educated, and experienced leaders.

What works for a business with 20 employees is far different from what will work for a business (or business unit) that’s staring at 125 employees. And even more critical to a company's success is the leader's attitude about growth and their ability to adapt to the forces that evolve as the business grows.

Who Should Attend? This fast-paced, 60-minute webinar is for:
- Executives with Strategic Management Responsibilities
- Business Owners
- Leaders of Business Unites Responsible for Revenue
- HR Leaders seeking science-backed Strategic Planning or Strategic Thinking Solutions

What will participants learn?
- The 7 Predictable Stages of Growth
- How to foresee a company’s next challenge before it destroys the bottom-line
- What successful leaders do to make quality decisions, at the right time, and with the right momentum to ensure success