​Thank you for attending our virtual summit. We have a gift for you!

HR Financial Analysis Report 

The costs of being an employer go over and above gross payroll. Understanding this fully loaded labor burden, which includes statutory and voluntary liabilities, allows you to make informed decisions about pricing, projects, and profitability.

As our gift to you... 

We'll help you identify all costs associated with having employees by walking through your employee life cycle, beginning from recruitment through retirement or outplacement.

Our HR analyst friends at Insperity will facilitate your HR budget details ​and prepare a confidential report.  

The HR Financial Analysis report will enable your team to assess the real cost burden of being an employer.  You will be able to compare your HR strategy and budgets against the most successful companies. 

​Next, we will coordinate a no-obligation debrief to review your strengths, and uncover areas of concern​. as well as opportunities to improve the ROI on your employee investment.

  • ​Gain insight into the real  cost burden of being an employer
  • ​Learn from expert HR analysts 
  • ​Align your HR strategy with best-practices 

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