Professional Corporate Presentation
Skills Training 

If you're Talking - You are Selling and Whatever You're Selling, You'll Sell More of it When You Learn the 7 Step Development Process for Creating a Persuasive & Impressive Presentation 

Leaders that communicate well get more support for their ideas, better buy-in to the goals, and greater engagement from their employees and co-workers.

Speaking with confidence may sound easy, but ask any powerful speaker and they will tell you their craft took time to cultivate and master.  In this Corporate Presentation Skills training, master trainer, Alan Duncan, shares his formula for closing the gap on that learning timeline to become more effective in your presentations now.

Better presentation skills cannot be developed by boldness or confidence alone, nor can they be perfected by reading a book on how to deliver an effective, professional presentation.

Do Presentation Skills Matter?

How do presentation skills affect your success?

You probably have one or two in your organization who think they are superstar presenters. Far too many executives and sales professionals (in particular) think they are “all that and a bag of chips” when it comes to public speaking; thus fail to properly prepare for their presentation. Winging it can result in at minimum, missed opportunities, and at worst total “mud-in-your-eye” embarrassment.

By studying the art of persuasion and effective presentation, a student can hone their story-telling skills, their ability to “read” their audience, and their ability to use intonation, exclamation, and the power of the pause, for powerful, influential results.

TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions is proud to be working with master trainer, Alan Duncan and his Professional Corporate* Presentation Skills Training Program.  Alan has developed a  7-step presentation process that participants agree removes all ambiguity and doubt from the development process. The training closes the gap on that learning timeline and enables you to become more effective in your presentations now.

*Programs is customized for public organizations, private entities, governmental agencies, NGOs and non-profits. 

Are you getting the results you want & need from your presentations? 

If not, consider the following: 

  • What does your audience want? 
  • What's the key take-away they want to glean from your presentation? 
  • What's the right sound-bite that drives home this one, key message? 
  • What must you do to gain and maintain your audience's attention? 
  • What do you need to improve to ensure the Executive Presence required to achieve results? 

Presentation Skills & Powerpoint tips: 

Keep it simple: 




Don't over-explain.

Illustrate simply & pause for questions. 

(No, really pause and count to 10.) 

Remember Your Audience

Focus on What Matters to Them, Not You. 

Please, spare your audience: 


Key Presentation Skills Tip: 

Avoid the Mistake of Selling too Early - Convince First, Sell Second.

  • Do you try to hide behind your PowerPoint slideshow?   If you really want to bore your audience and ensure failure, start your pre-presentation development by opening your PowerPoint and designing slides. 
  • Do you try to be a comedian, but fall short? Some folks are funny and that's great! However, if punch-lines aren't really your talent, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable audience feeling pity for you.
  • Do you wing it?   Some presenters take great pride in their "winging it" ability.  Stop it! A presenter who fails to prepare will meander, ramble, repeat, and derail. Don't expect respect, when you haven't respected your audience enough to plan and prepare your message
  • Do you tend to over-sell, over-tell, over-describe, over-inform? As the expert, you know a lot and are passionate about your knowledge; but it's a mistake to believe your audience cares about the details.  

Best Practice Presentations
Training Solution
Module 1

Using a Learning-by-Doing training methodology, you will design and develop a business or technical presentation using proven and up-to-date techniques. You will then have an invaluable opportunity to practice your presentation in a safe and cordial environment in a small group of your peers.


  1. Learn an engaging, audience focused approach to design
  2. Employ a time saving, highly efficient development process
  3. Build delivery skills for gaining and maintaining audience attention 


  • Enhance your ability to deliver a clear and congruent message
  • Achieve your objective to inform, convince or motivate
  • Minimize development time with an efficient 7-step process
  • Gain and maintain audience attention
  • Master the visual, vocal and verbal elements of communication including PowerPoint slideshows, handouts and other visual aids
  • Use an elegant and simple structure which will keep you on track or return you to your agenda if you are led off on a tangent
  • Build confidence and cure nervousness
  • Lead productive question and answer sessions
  • Respond competently to challenges and concerns

Best Practice Presentations Training 

  • Pre-event stakeholder interviews
  • Customized learning experience 
  • Interactive adult-learning best practices 
  • Small class sizes (up to six) 
  • Digital and hard copies of presentation training aids 
  • Eight classroom hours
  • Video of practice presentations
  • Real-time feedback  
  • Guaranteed performance improvement
  • Pre-work and follow-up.

Customized Presentation Skills Training Options Include:

  • Sales Presentations 
  • Technical presentations 
  • business presentations 

Our sales presentation skills training program includes all of the above objectives, but focuses specifically on the unique needs and challenges of the sales and business development professional: 

  • Develop skills required to influence and persuade, throughout the presentation without over-selling 
  • Understand how to deliver a presentation that actually addresses what your buyers really want 
  • Rapidly improve your sales presentation skills with Video feedback 
  • Learn how to deliver an effective sales presentation 
  • Develop skills for ensuring your unique selling proposition is remembered 
  • Comprehend how to differentiate from your competitors and persuade your audience effectively regarding why your "widget" is better
  • Learn a methodology for developing a buyer-focused presentation that will hold their attention 
  • Improve sales capacity through effective presentations and win more opportunities 

What's the price? 

Call us to discuss the goals, how many participants, etc. 

Best Practice Presentations
Train-The-Trainer Program
Module 2 

This course** builds the skills of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the best practices for the delivery of effective classroom based, interactive learning experiences. It will enhance the abilities of experienced trainers as well as those new to the training role.

**Pre-requisite: Participation in the eight hour Best Practice Presentations training required.

Course Content

  • Methodology:  How to structure a training session to achieve the best results in the time allowed
  • Accelerated Learning:  Understand methods for engaging participants for optimum participation and retention
  • Roles of the Trainer:  When, why and how to play the roles of Administrator, Instructor and Facilitator
  • Training Content Delivery:  Introducing, summarizing, bridging, presenting and engaging participants in training activities. Employ visual, vocal and verbal elements of communication to deliver clear information and instructions
  • Leading Training Discussions:  When, why and how to conduct pre-content, content mastery, and content application discussions
  • Interactive Skills:  Giving instruction, asking and answering questions and providing constructive feedback
  • Handling Distracting Behavior:  Maintaining rapport while managing the group dynamic
  • Characteristics of Adult Learners:  What can be done before, during and after the training session to encourage participation and optimize retention


  • 12-16 hours (plus pre-requisite 8 hours of Presentation Skills Training) 
  • Highly interactive methodology 
  • Pre-work and follow-up applications
  • Workbook and job aids 
  • Learning By Doing 

What's the price? 

Call us to discuss the goals, how many participants, etc. 

  • 1
    Relevant -  Our professional, effective presentation skills training is uniquely designed for relevance and immediate application. 
  • 2
    Upcoming Presentations?  We will provide the structure, the process, and the proven methodology to help you prepare and succeed at your next presentation. 
  • 3
    Practice - Sometimes we need someone to hold us accountable. This hands-on, learn by doing and learning by seeing (video-feedback) class gets the job done! Participants are armed with confidence and the tools they need for immediate & future presentation success. 

Master Trainer: Corporate Presentation Skills Training

Alan Duncan

Alan Duncan is a native of Scotland and is now a US citizen living in Houston, Texas. He has been an independent Training and Performance Consultant since 1989, delivering pre-developed and customized training programs to U.S. Fortune 500 Companies, FT100 Companies in the U.K., and major corporations worldwide.

Alan has a diverse personal work history in agriculture, construction, transportation, property development and venture capital. His background equips him to relate to the challenges of workplace personnel from the fields to the C-level suite.

He has a uniquely diverse work history, which allows him to relate to and challenge training participants from the factory floor to the boardroom and is an expert in multicultural management and team dynamics.

See what our customers have to say:

"The definition of enthusiasm!"

Alan is the definition of enthusiasm! He gives one of the best sales training courses that I have been involved with in recent years! The Challenger model comes to life under his training. In fact, one of my sales representatives who dealt with Alan in the past asked for his training and his request was instrumental in getting Alan to train our whole sales staff.” ~ Paul, Regional Sales Manager

"...helped me to close more business." 

"I truly enjoyed the training that Alan provided to our sales team! His methods are something that I have taken with me, have applied, and have helped me to close more business. His training sessions got me to think about my presentations to clients in a different, more effective way.

Alan was also a highly entertaining, no-nonsense trainer that kept you engaged throughout. If you are considering hiring someone to train your staff, look no further. You found him! Quinn MacKay, PEO Sales at Oasis Outsourcing

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Will this training be effective for you and your team? 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your team does not improve their confidence and competency related to delivering effective presentations, we'll keep working with them until they do!  

"You cannot skip-out on the opportunity to learn from a man than has this vast "amount of knowledge!"

"Alan’s superb sessions provide a unique experience to learn—all lessons learned can be applied to all scenarios—even personal. You cannot skip-out on the opportunity to learn from a man that has this vast amount of knowledge!  Alan’s fun, no nonsense approach pushes you to see your limitations as an opportunity to grow and to be successful! - David Vanegas, Owner of Crescendo Media Productions

"... his training expertise provided me with the confidence needed to convey information effectively and efficiently."

Alan was hired by my organization to provide training on effective presentations - his training expertise provided me with the confidence needed to convey information effectively and efficiently. Additionally, he utilizes tools that let the trainees assess their progress by providing a "before" and "after" picture. He provided tools for us to use as guidelines going forward. I highly recommend Alan!

Specialist - Production Systems Operations at BHP

"...sessions were customized for our industry and sales team [and] ...were engaging, stimulating and informative." 

Alan is one of an elite group of training experts. Alan provided our sales team with a series of training sessions; Everything DiSC, Customer Focused Selling, Strategic Account Planning, 21st Century Selling and Best Practice Presentations. All of the sessions were customized for our industry and sales team with case studies, role playing and team-building exercises. Each of the sessions were engaging, stimulating and informative.

Tom Prybyloski

Vice President of Purchasing at Janus International 

Still have questions?  

We've answered a few of the most frequently asked questions below: 

Will your presentation skills training help me overcome my fear of public speaking?


Yes, with a caveat. Many individuals have overcome their fear of public speaking after our presentation skills training. Alan's unique formula for focusing on what matters and for designing a focused, outcome driven presentation instills confidence in the presenter and diminishes fears.  Most feel more confident and are more capable than ever before at delivering a persuasive presentation.  Now, here's the caveat. This effective presentation training does not delve into the emotional or psychological barriers related to a fear of public speaking and thus, from time-to-time a few individuals require one-on-one coaching (also available) to overcome their fears. 

Do you offer customized Presentation Skills Training?


Absolutely! Each class is customized and tailored to the audience. We will seek to understand your organization’s unique culture, goals, employees, the participants’ unique challenges and strengths, and incorporate the strategic priorities related to improving your team’s presentation skills.

Where is the Corporate Presentation Skills Training held? 

At or near your company.  Most of our clients prefer an on-site training customized to their unique industry and team. We travel to your organization and tailor the program to be an ideal fit for your overall organizational objectives and the needs of the participants. .  Occasionally, (once or twice a year), we hold open enrollment presentation skills training programs in Houston, Texas for individuals seeking to improve their presentation skills.  Be sure to inquire. 

What is the class size for your Presentation Skills Training? 

Maximum class size of six participants.  Our satisfaction guarantee depends upon the smaller class size to ensure maximum time, attention, and practice for each participant.  This is a learning-by-doing training program and participants will leave with a newfound confidence in their presentation skills. 

I have more questions. Who do I call? 

Please call us at 281-469-4244 and let us know you are inquiring into Effective Presentation Skills Training or email us at leader [@]  We are happy to provide a consultation regarding your Presentation Skills goals.  If we are not the right fit, we will let you know and whenever possible, point you in the right direction. 

Still Not Sure? 

We understand something - people are risk averse. We all dread making a mistake and wasting our time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish. We invite you to call us to address your concerns and answer your questions. In return, we promise not to try and sell you on something that you don't really need or that we do not believe is the right fit for your goals, for you or for your team.  

Also, be sure to check out our free webinars, including Presentation Best Practices Webinar 

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Will this training be effective for you and your team? 

Anisa Aven

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P.S.: An effective presentation is persuasive, organized, drives to a salient point and inspires buy-in.  If you know your team's presentations are not yet "magic", give me a call. It's time to discuss how to support your team's results!  

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