Cognitive Diversity: Mission Critical for Business Success In a Complex and Uncertain World

Webinar Description:

Everyone’s talking about diversity these days. However, in most instances, diversity conversations rarely transcend ethnicity, gender, and race. No doubt, these socio-demographic differences are important, but, there is another side to diversity that’s just as important, if not more, and which rarely gets any play. And that’s cognitive diversity – differences in how people think, process information, and respond through their decision making. The reason why cognitive diversity requires our urgent attention is because it sets organizations up for failure; it makes them weak and increasingly vulnerable to threats posed by changing customer, competitive, and technological environments.

In this insightful and provocative webinar, Gaurav Bhalla, reveals why everybody thinking the same way is a competitive liability, not an asset. Accordingly, the webinar explains why cultivating and nurturing cognitive diversity is mission critical for growth and success in a VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. The webinar amplifies the importance of cognitive diversity and the need for variety in thinking and behaving through stories of businesses that ignored cognitive diversity and paid the price by losing their market leadership position. Finally, the webinar also discusses the “how,” and reveals several human-centric strategies that businesses can adopt and implement for harnessing and unleashing the strategic power of cognitive diversity.

Get Ready To:

1. Why Cognitive Diversity is mission critical in today's uncertain and complex world

2. Consequences of ignoring cognitive diversity; why consensus is a strategic liability

3. Human-centric strategies for cultivating and nurturing Cognitive Diversity