Becoming a Competent  Conflict Manager 

Webinar Description: Participants will learn about the five basics conflict styles and their tendencies to prefer two default strategies. Learning others styles will be important to be aware of. More importantly participants will learn how to separate the people problems from the substance of the conflict and how best to utilize the five strategies of conflict management in the proper order to facilitate success. 

Expert Trainer and Executive Coach Mark Freeman presents with Anisa Aven, CEO and President of TurnKey Coaching Solutions about how to become a competent conflict manager. 

Expert Speaker's Bio: Mark is an Executive Coach and senior organizational behavioral consultant, primarily working in the academic, corporate, healthcare, and aerospace industries. His work in the area of performance improvement includes cohesive team development, change management, organizational analysis for business development and excellence, and executive leadership and coaching. As an executive coach, he has extensive experience with a wide variety of corporate and not for profit clients. Mark designs custom curricula for leadership training programs for managerial excellence. He has extensive experience facilitating the various EVERYTHING DISC behavioral assessments and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team with a multitude of organizations. 

Learning Outcomes: 
1) Learn the five conflict management tendencies 
2) understand the process of successful conflict management for themselves and in mediating others conflicts 
3) learn how specifically to use the five styles for maximum benefit for successful conflict management 

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